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Fully Function Order Food Online System: ( All-In-One )

Taxable Order Food Online Systems:

        Regular Items

           Photo Menu  ---  Text Menu  ---  Nutrition Facts & Ingredient


           Photo Menu  ---  Text Menu  ---  Nutrition Facts & Ingredient

Shopping Cart ( Transaction can make on your restaurant credit card terminal )
Accept Major Credit Cards Online 
SSL Transaction .
Editable Online Text or Photo Menu.
Printable / Editable Text Menu  *
Online Reservations System **
Reservations w/ Pre-Order Food Items ( Auto come from editable photo menu or text menu )
Editable Daily Menu
Four Types Editable Coupon
Photo Gallery ( Up To 10 Photos )
Video Show ( Up To 2M - 3M )
Your JQK's Account Also Provide :
Web Base Management Tools , ( Manage Your Business Online Anywhere and Anytime.)
Search / Store ID ( For Web Direct Search and Wireless Device Easy Search ) 
Paypal Merchants Account ( Optional )

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If you choose Self set-up your own menu. It is free.

( If you choose JQK agents to set up your MENU , The set-up fees listed below )


* Editable photo menu or text menu set up fees: $ 500. --- One Time Only.

( Pizza restaurant editable menu set-up fees $ 600.)

 ( Including: up to 100 menu items . Each menu additional item + $ 2.00.)

* Printable menu auto come with editable photo menu or text menu

** Reservations with 30 free confirm reservations per month. Each additional confirm reservations + $1.00

( Pre-Order menu auto come with editable photo menu or text menu )

All editable menu set up fees are final. NO REFUND.

 and first time sign-up fees NO REFUND.


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