Restaurant Reservations ( Plus Plan )

JQK.net Online Restaurant Reservations Service Package Including :   

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JQK.net Online Restaurant Reservations Service:    

  • NO Equipment to Buy.
  • NO Account Setup Fees.
  • NO Software Upgrade Cost.
  • Manage Your Business Online Anywhere.
  • Reservations Confirmed Instantly.
  • Powerful Search Engine to Gain Exposure and Boost Revenues.
  • FREE SSL Secure Info Transactions.
  • FREE Up-to-Date and Easy-to-Use Web-Based Management System.
  • FREE Secured Virtual Database To Keep and Analyze Useful Information.

JQK.net Restaurant Reservations Access Fees: ( For Each Restaurant )


  • $ 60.00 Access Fees Per Month.

  • Receive 30 Free Confirmed Reservations Per Month.

  • ( Each Additional Confirmed Reservation + $1.00 )


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** Important Note: After each transition no credit card information will be 

  stored in our data base. Pease fill out the card info form every single time.



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