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6523 Ferguson St.
Indianapolis, IN  46220    Map
Tel: (317) 726-6906

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About Us: L'explorateur writes ...
The only chain that concerns L'Explorateur is the one that gets an ingredient from the provider to the plate. We start with the best farmers, artisans, fishmongers, cheesemakers, mycologists, oenologists, and lots of other people who grow things. Many, if not most, of them right here in Indiana.

In fact, some things on our menu may have traveled less distance to get to the restaurant than you.

Then there are the people at the restaurant. The ones you don't see in the kitchen, the ones you do see in the dining room. Working in a restaurant is a labor of love in the purest sense of the term. It's labor and it's love. And everyone you see, or don't, is here for that reason.

Then there's Neal Brown, who's bringing all of these people together. As a chef with experience in some of Indianapolis' best restaurants from classic northern Italian to French-tinged sushi, Neal wants L'Explorateur to be something of a flavor exploration. Some you may love, some you may hate, but none that you will ever forget.
Cuisine: French, Fusion / Eclectic
Payment Options: Accept All Major Credit Cards And Cash.

Business Hour:


T: 5 — 9:30
W: 5 — 9:30
TH: 5 — 9:30
F: 5 — 11:30
S: 5 — 11:30


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